Whether you need custom t-shirts for a golf tournament, corporate wear for your company or sport uniforms for your school team we definitely can help you!

Let's Get Personalized runs an in-house embroidery production department of 24 multi-head embroidery machines with the latest in computerized digitizing software to convert your logo into a sewn work of art. Embroidery is the ultimate in apparel and accessory decoration.

Embroidery is an excellent decoration method for corporate logos, club emblems, school mascots or personalization. Anywhere you want to add a touch of class for yourself, your employees or customers.

Year after year companies, schools, sport teams and individuals turn to Let's Get Personalized for embroidered corporate apparel, work uniforms, headwear, bags and accessories. We consistently deliver high quality products and superior service utilizing our years of experience and the best in embroidery technology.



When embroidery is used as your decorating choice, your design is sewn onto your chosen garment. We strictly use world-standard isacord threads and the best industrial embroidery machines available  (made by Japan’s Tajima brand) to embroider hats, custom hoodies, golf shirts and customized jackets.

The cost of embroidery varies based on the number of stitches in a logo. The larger and more detailed the logo, the higher the stitch count will be. The average speed many embroiders run their machines at 900-1000 st. per minute.  Our skilled staff are trained to run our machines  at a slower speed.  Our focus is quality.  Decreasing the speed provides a much cleaner, sharp embroidered logo.



Embroidery pricing is based on three factors that determines the cost of the garment or promotional item you will be embroidering.

  • Factor #1: The size of your design. The larger the logo the higher the stitch count resulting a higher cost.

  • Factor #2: The complexity of your logo or design. The more complex a design, the higher the stitch count resulting in a higher cost.

  • Factor #3: Quantity. How many pieces you are having embroidered, an order of 50 hats with a small design will be a lot different from a 1000 golf shirt order with a complex design.



To have your garment or promotional item embroidered, one of the most important things is having your logo or design digitized first. The process starts with you supplying us with a copy of your logo, from there we import your logo into our digitizing software and turn your artwork into a special format so that it is readable by our embroidery machines. All of our digitizing is done in-house. If you have had embroidery done in the past you may have a copy of the file, if so please let us know before ordering and we will see if it is compatible.

We prefer to receive your artwork in a high resolution format such as a vector file such as EPS or PDF.  Other formats that will work are JPEG, PNG and  BMP. The cost of digitizing your artwork is based on the complexity of the design so in order to receive an accurate quote it is best if you email us a copy of the artwork when requesting a quote.


Need help with logo placement?  View our logo placement guide.